I am a multilingual experienced photographer with professional video editing and videography experience gained by working in South East Asia, South and North America.
By setting up my own companies providing captivating photographs and videos of events, products, and people for various industries; I have developed a sense of visual composition and an eye for detail.
My experience as underwater photographer and underwater videographer taught me how to create convincing and high standard pictures used across various media channels such as social media, websites, and film.
Currently I am the founder of Black Lamb Media, ShootX Events and MariBlue Productions whilst being a passionate freelance photographer and videographer with an eye for detail which I acquired with more than ten year’s of experience in the field of photography, videography and editor.
Growing onwards from my life’s passion for the underwater world I sought out new challenges and professional growth and established my own companies ShootX Events and Black Lamb Media capturing of corporate and Festival and documentaries. Mari Blue Productions I work with people and brand, developing their business smart and creative.
Whilst I developed my companies I gained experience in various social media platforms and media channels and their power to reach my clients audiences.
Harnessing these online platforms coupled with my captivating footage I increased attention to my client’s online presence. As well as being fun loving I take my work seriously and I am always open to learn through experience to achieve new heights of perfection. I am a goal orientated, self-motivated and accountable professional, taking pride in my work and the accomplishment of a team success.


Mariana Netto

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